Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Transcending the boundaries of religion and politics

The human history of twentieth century is heavily marred and stained by divisions, violence and sufferings that had often something to do with either religion or politics. A century that witnessed two unprecedented World Wars and remained at the brink of a third one for many decades in a row, .... a century that witnessed some of the worst genocides in the history of mankind, putting humanity to shame ..... in such a century, Bollywood music is one of the few bright spots that emerged unscathed by these horrors.

Bollywood was emerging into a mainstream of popular entertainment of the masses when Indian was partitioned. With millions affected, displaced, looted or killed across both sides of the new border, the Bollywood remained reasonably unaffected  .....  a feet for which it has never been given adequate credit.

Bollywood music did even better. It depicted the sufferings, deplored the violence and gave free expression to sanity, one of the few sane voices of that time. It also continued to maintain very high traditions of being neutral in respect of religion, though it culd not break the political barriers imposed by the two political governments for a very long time. Among the millions affected was a man named Mohammad Rafi. His family refused to settle in India, while he refused to go to the new Pakistan. Less than five years after partition, he sung some of the greatest songs in the movie titled BAIJU BAWRA (1952) including the very famous and extraordinary number " O duniya ke rakhwale ..." and with them, changed the course of Bollywood music for all times to come, ushering in what can be called today the "Golden Era" of Bollywood music.

It is said that music is not bound by any language. Music is also not bound by politics, religion or any other form of communalism. In that sense it is closee to the almighty God than anything else ever created by mankind.

No doubt, music, love and humanity rank only next to god in their divinity.

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